Mission: To create unique and original fiber art that evokes a feeling of home one room at a time AND to perpetuate the art of weaving by teaching individuals everywhere.

Trudy is a Fiber Artist. Inspired from a trip to India, she started creating hand woven wall hangings on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  With a background in design, she has found her passion. For her, creating a woven wall hanging is a grounding, humbling and mindful experience.   She finds weaving a very forgiving and creative process, a reminder to be present and to be self-full.   Creating something that is intentional, thoughtful and visually appealing is deeply gratifying.  She loves seeing the magic that happens when a piece is finished and the story it tells. 

She is also grateful to share her passion with others. Her workshops are fun and creative. She enjoys seeing the unique wall hangings her students make.